Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 3 The Pocket Diet

This diet isn't hard. It's all about portion control. Kind of nice too, eating what I want. Just in small portions. I don't feel I will lose a bunch of weight from it though. I do feel as if it is WAY too many carbs. That's for sure. Makes me crave even more carbs to be honest. Next week I am going to do mostly salads. I will not be doing any specific diet, that way I can take a break, but I will live off of salads during the day. We can call it the salad diet! Because remember I need to be 20lbs lighter by September 10th. That is the goal, and that date is creeping up on me quick. But I keep reminding myself everyday when I want a chocolate chip cookie or something deep friend in greasy goodness. I keep telling myself I want to wear that dress hanging in my closet or buy a new outfit with of course my goal reward of a brand new purse!!!!! Holla! Ha. Anyways todays menu!

Breakfast: I was in a hurry. I grabbed a hot chocolate :]

Lunch: Pizza Pita Same as yesterday IT WAS SO GOOD!

Snack: Yoplait light yogurt

Dinner: I am not sure yet to be honest. It will either be turkey burger, chicken, or pork chops. Of course stuffed in a pita with a side of veggies!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 2 Pocket Diet

Yesterday was a total bombed day. Can we pretend it didn't happen? Kind of. We can just pick back up today. I mean it wasn't a horrible day. The breakfast yesterday is what destroyed my entire day! Also, yesterdays lunch was not that great at all. The pitas I bought are kind of like eating paper. I am going to go get some different ones today. I did eat a pita for breakfast this morning though and it was good. I will explain that soon. Anyways, last night for dinner, I told the pita to screw off. I didn't want it. So I just ate the meat and veggies and no pita. So I probably ate more than what I should have. Since the pita is supposed to restrict your serving size. Also, I didn't work out. I was extremely tired and was in bed by 9:30pm. Thankfully!  So todays menu!!!

Breakfast: Toasted whole wheat pita with 1tbsp peanut butter & 1tbsp of homemade raspberry jam.  This was to die for. So I will be eating the dry pitas in the morning. Coffee with cream and sugar

Snack: Yoplait Light Yogurt

Lunch: Pita lightly toasted. Some pizza sauce, mozz. cheese, turkey pepperonis, mushrooms. Mmmm Pizza Pocket!

Snack: Green Grapes

Dinner: Pita pocket stuffed with 1 bratwurst, grilled onions and banana peppers. Some mustard. Oh and probably some kind of veggie on the side.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 1 Pocket Diet

Ahh this diet is going to be a breeze!! At least I think it will be. Now the diet calls for 4-5 pockets in a day. That's way too many pockets for me! I will not be eating a pocket for breakfast either. Just lunch and dinner. As I feel it's too much food. Oh and I can stuff whatever I want into the pocket! SCORE! Of course it has to be relatively healthy. I can't go stuffing fried fish with a ton of tarter sauce in it. Even though that would be heavenly. I won't be doing that. I will keep it light and healthy for the most part. As I do not want to gain weight. I want to be down 20lbs by September 10th as I have a wedding to go to, oh and I want to be sporting a brand new purse to that said wedding!
Now I messed up this morning big time as I was stressed and emotional. And well hungry. I had to take my son to the doctor for his 18month check up and he got 5 shots and I cried for the first time. It was horrible! I hate having to see my son hurt and I can't do anything about it. So afterwards I had planned on only getting a Caramel Mocha with non-fat milk but I ordered more. Eek!

Breakfast:  Large Non-fat milk Caramel Mocha, Sausage McMuffin

Lunch: Whole Wheat pita pocket stuffed with chicken salad (Light Miracle whip, boiled chicken, pickles) With a side of green grapes

Snack: Yoplait Light Yogurt

Dinner: Roast beef in a whole wheat pita pocket with mozz. cheese and probably a little bit of steak sauce. With a side of broccoli.

The pitas are not that big, so it will be very small amounts going into the pita. But I can mix it up every day and have different things. Which is a nice change of pace! My husband is not doing this diet with me. He is going to do the Atkins again and for 2 straight weeks! He does well on that diet. Oh and tomorrows breakfast will be way healthier! Tonight I will work out at home on the elliptical. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

The Pocket Diet

The Pocket Diet, created by George Kashou and registered dietician Caitlyn Lorenze, focuses on teaching dieters portion control.

The Premise

George Kashou, founder of the Kangaroo Brands bread company, teamed up with dietitian Caitlyn Lorenze to create this unique portion control diet that is based on the idea of recommending individuals learn portion control by eating only pita pockets. This is based on the belief that only so much food, and therefore calories, can fit into a pita pocket at a time. This forces an individual to limit the number of calories she eats per day and should lead to weight loss.
The Community Memorial Hospital in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, researched this diet with 38 volunteers. All volunteers lost weight, with the average being eight pounds lost over the course of six weeks.

The Diet

The Pocket Diet recommends that individuals eat four to five pita pockets per day. Pita pockets are to be filled with healthy ingredients. Healthy suggestions for stuffing the pita include fruits, legumes, vegetables, grains, lean meats and fish. Dieters are advised to avoid high-calorie condiments or sauces and are advised to add only low-calorie condiments to their pita, such as light mayonnaise, mustard and light sour cream.
In addition to the pitas, dieters are allowed to have snacks between meals. Recommended snack foods include cottage cheese, yogurt, nuts, raw vegetables and fresh fruit. Kashour and Lorenze recommend that dieters always eat breakfast, which will be in a pita, because this will reduce the risk of overeating and cravings later in the day.

Things to Consider

No foods are off limits on the Pocket Diet. The only rule is that the food must be able to fit inside the pita pocket. This proven method will help individuals learn portion control.
Compared to numerous other diets on the market, this diet offers a balanced approach to dieting and includes all food groups. The diet is great for individuals who live a busy lifestyle and have limited time to prep meals. Many of the pitas are portable and can be prepared ahead of time.
Eating four to five pita pockets a day may get boring for some dieters very quickly. While there is a variance in what can go into the pita, it may be difficult for many individuals to remain on this diet for the advised six weeks.

Results! Sacred Heart

On day 5 my husband and I had, had enough. We ate dinner. I had a grilled chicken salad smothered in Ranch. He had a crispy chicken flatbread sandwich with onion rings. Oh I ate some of those onion rings too.

My results, I had lose 5 pounds in 5 days. So I am currently down 12 pounds again. Except I am back up 3 from the weekend. Which is fine because I can lose those 3 pounds in the first day or two as it is mostly water weight.

Would I do the Sacred Heart diet again? Maybe for a couple of days. After a while I need more food than what it is offering. I was starting to get extremely grouchy and mean. Crazy. Ha. I am much happier with food in my stomach.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 5 Sacred Heart

Day 5! BEEF!!!!!!!!!!! Eh, I am kind of excited but not. I am ready for this diet to be done. I am sick of soup and I am really hungry! 11:30am can not get here soon enough. I am so freaking hungry. Today is the tomato and beef day. I forgot my damn tomatoes at home today :[ My husband wants me to do this diet tomorrow too. I am struggling bad though right now with all of this. I want some food. It could even be healthy food. Like a tuna sandwich or salad with dressing! I just want to enjoy food again to be honest. Oi. What's one more day right? I'm ready for lunch though!

Today's Menu:

Breakfast: Nothing.

Lunch: Filet Mignon

Snack: Some soup. Oh JOY!

Dinner: Soup with maybe a little roast beef in it.

I'm not sure if I can do it again tomorrow. I am going to try but I am starting to get mean. Seriously. I want some food.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 4 Sacred Heart

Today is day 4. This diet isn't "too bad" I have a lot more energy than usual. But I would kill for a nice big sloppy cheeseburger. But I am content. My cravings aren't as bad as normal. I feel lighter so that's a plus.

Last night I made a new batch of soup. This time with chicken broth. WAY better than the beef broth. I also threw in some mushrooms into the soup for a little different texture this time. Hubby and I have decided we will do this diet for 6 days then the 7th day we are free. I still have to figure out what diet I am doing next week. I will search for one today. Or maybe I will carry on with this one? Who knows. Nah I have to change it up or soup will be my enemy.

Today is banana and skim milk day. This morning both myself and my husband had a banana milkshake. We froze a couple of bananas in the freezer. We have one of those magic bullet things and we put the banana and skim milk and blended it up. It was tasty. Takes care of any sweet cravings. My son loved it, which is good because it is healthy. I will be making those for him more often and with other fruits. Tomorrow is what we have all been waiting for MEAT! Ahh I can not wait! YUM!!!!! Tomorrow I am going to put a roast in the crock pot so that we can eat it all day Saturday. As we can eat 2-3 steaks if we want. More like endless beef day with veggies and soup. We plan on putting the roast in our soup! Mmm. Ok so today's menu! I have to have at least a minimum of 3 bananas. And as much skim milk I can handle..ew.

Breakfast: Banana milkshake

Lunch: Soup & Banana

Snack: If needed, banana

Dinner: Soup & Banana Smoothie

Last night I did 20 minutes on my elliptical at home in my basement. Tonight I plan on taking a trip out to the gym to do an hour of exercise. Happy dieting people!