Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 3 The Pocket Diet

This diet isn't hard. It's all about portion control. Kind of nice too, eating what I want. Just in small portions. I don't feel I will lose a bunch of weight from it though. I do feel as if it is WAY too many carbs. That's for sure. Makes me crave even more carbs to be honest. Next week I am going to do mostly salads. I will not be doing any specific diet, that way I can take a break, but I will live off of salads during the day. We can call it the salad diet! Because remember I need to be 20lbs lighter by September 10th. That is the goal, and that date is creeping up on me quick. But I keep reminding myself everyday when I want a chocolate chip cookie or something deep friend in greasy goodness. I keep telling myself I want to wear that dress hanging in my closet or buy a new outfit with of course my goal reward of a brand new purse!!!!! Holla! Ha. Anyways todays menu!

Breakfast: I was in a hurry. I grabbed a hot chocolate :]

Lunch: Pizza Pita Same as yesterday IT WAS SO GOOD!

Snack: Yoplait light yogurt

Dinner: I am not sure yet to be honest. It will either be turkey burger, chicken, or pork chops. Of course stuffed in a pita with a side of veggies!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 2 Pocket Diet

Yesterday was a total bombed day. Can we pretend it didn't happen? Kind of. We can just pick back up today. I mean it wasn't a horrible day. The breakfast yesterday is what destroyed my entire day! Also, yesterdays lunch was not that great at all. The pitas I bought are kind of like eating paper. I am going to go get some different ones today. I did eat a pita for breakfast this morning though and it was good. I will explain that soon. Anyways, last night for dinner, I told the pita to screw off. I didn't want it. So I just ate the meat and veggies and no pita. So I probably ate more than what I should have. Since the pita is supposed to restrict your serving size. Also, I didn't work out. I was extremely tired and was in bed by 9:30pm. Thankfully!  So todays menu!!!

Breakfast: Toasted whole wheat pita with 1tbsp peanut butter & 1tbsp of homemade raspberry jam.  This was to die for. So I will be eating the dry pitas in the morning. Coffee with cream and sugar

Snack: Yoplait Light Yogurt

Lunch: Pita lightly toasted. Some pizza sauce, mozz. cheese, turkey pepperonis, mushrooms. Mmmm Pizza Pocket!

Snack: Green Grapes

Dinner: Pita pocket stuffed with 1 bratwurst, grilled onions and banana peppers. Some mustard. Oh and probably some kind of veggie on the side.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 1 Pocket Diet

Ahh this diet is going to be a breeze!! At least I think it will be. Now the diet calls for 4-5 pockets in a day. That's way too many pockets for me! I will not be eating a pocket for breakfast either. Just lunch and dinner. As I feel it's too much food. Oh and I can stuff whatever I want into the pocket! SCORE! Of course it has to be relatively healthy. I can't go stuffing fried fish with a ton of tarter sauce in it. Even though that would be heavenly. I won't be doing that. I will keep it light and healthy for the most part. As I do not want to gain weight. I want to be down 20lbs by September 10th as I have a wedding to go to, oh and I want to be sporting a brand new purse to that said wedding!
Now I messed up this morning big time as I was stressed and emotional. And well hungry. I had to take my son to the doctor for his 18month check up and he got 5 shots and I cried for the first time. It was horrible! I hate having to see my son hurt and I can't do anything about it. So afterwards I had planned on only getting a Caramel Mocha with non-fat milk but I ordered more. Eek!

Breakfast:  Large Non-fat milk Caramel Mocha, Sausage McMuffin

Lunch: Whole Wheat pita pocket stuffed with chicken salad (Light Miracle whip, boiled chicken, pickles) With a side of green grapes

Snack: Yoplait Light Yogurt

Dinner: Roast beef in a whole wheat pita pocket with mozz. cheese and probably a little bit of steak sauce. With a side of broccoli.

The pitas are not that big, so it will be very small amounts going into the pita. But I can mix it up every day and have different things. Which is a nice change of pace! My husband is not doing this diet with me. He is going to do the Atkins again and for 2 straight weeks! He does well on that diet. Oh and tomorrows breakfast will be way healthier! Tonight I will work out at home on the elliptical. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

The Pocket Diet

The Pocket Diet, created by George Kashou and registered dietician Caitlyn Lorenze, focuses on teaching dieters portion control.

The Premise

George Kashou, founder of the Kangaroo Brands bread company, teamed up with dietitian Caitlyn Lorenze to create this unique portion control diet that is based on the idea of recommending individuals learn portion control by eating only pita pockets. This is based on the belief that only so much food, and therefore calories, can fit into a pita pocket at a time. This forces an individual to limit the number of calories she eats per day and should lead to weight loss.
The Community Memorial Hospital in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, researched this diet with 38 volunteers. All volunteers lost weight, with the average being eight pounds lost over the course of six weeks.

The Diet

The Pocket Diet recommends that individuals eat four to five pita pockets per day. Pita pockets are to be filled with healthy ingredients. Healthy suggestions for stuffing the pita include fruits, legumes, vegetables, grains, lean meats and fish. Dieters are advised to avoid high-calorie condiments or sauces and are advised to add only low-calorie condiments to their pita, such as light mayonnaise, mustard and light sour cream.
In addition to the pitas, dieters are allowed to have snacks between meals. Recommended snack foods include cottage cheese, yogurt, nuts, raw vegetables and fresh fruit. Kashour and Lorenze recommend that dieters always eat breakfast, which will be in a pita, because this will reduce the risk of overeating and cravings later in the day.

Things to Consider

No foods are off limits on the Pocket Diet. The only rule is that the food must be able to fit inside the pita pocket. This proven method will help individuals learn portion control.
Compared to numerous other diets on the market, this diet offers a balanced approach to dieting and includes all food groups. The diet is great for individuals who live a busy lifestyle and have limited time to prep meals. Many of the pitas are portable and can be prepared ahead of time.
Eating four to five pita pockets a day may get boring for some dieters very quickly. While there is a variance in what can go into the pita, it may be difficult for many individuals to remain on this diet for the advised six weeks.

Results! Sacred Heart

On day 5 my husband and I had, had enough. We ate dinner. I had a grilled chicken salad smothered in Ranch. He had a crispy chicken flatbread sandwich with onion rings. Oh I ate some of those onion rings too.

My results, I had lose 5 pounds in 5 days. So I am currently down 12 pounds again. Except I am back up 3 from the weekend. Which is fine because I can lose those 3 pounds in the first day or two as it is mostly water weight.

Would I do the Sacred Heart diet again? Maybe for a couple of days. After a while I need more food than what it is offering. I was starting to get extremely grouchy and mean. Crazy. Ha. I am much happier with food in my stomach.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 5 Sacred Heart

Day 5! BEEF!!!!!!!!!!! Eh, I am kind of excited but not. I am ready for this diet to be done. I am sick of soup and I am really hungry! 11:30am can not get here soon enough. I am so freaking hungry. Today is the tomato and beef day. I forgot my damn tomatoes at home today :[ My husband wants me to do this diet tomorrow too. I am struggling bad though right now with all of this. I want some food. It could even be healthy food. Like a tuna sandwich or salad with dressing! I just want to enjoy food again to be honest. Oi. What's one more day right? I'm ready for lunch though!

Today's Menu:

Breakfast: Nothing.

Lunch: Filet Mignon

Snack: Some soup. Oh JOY!

Dinner: Soup with maybe a little roast beef in it.

I'm not sure if I can do it again tomorrow. I am going to try but I am starting to get mean. Seriously. I want some food.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 4 Sacred Heart

Today is day 4. This diet isn't "too bad" I have a lot more energy than usual. But I would kill for a nice big sloppy cheeseburger. But I am content. My cravings aren't as bad as normal. I feel lighter so that's a plus.

Last night I made a new batch of soup. This time with chicken broth. WAY better than the beef broth. I also threw in some mushrooms into the soup for a little different texture this time. Hubby and I have decided we will do this diet for 6 days then the 7th day we are free. I still have to figure out what diet I am doing next week. I will search for one today. Or maybe I will carry on with this one? Who knows. Nah I have to change it up or soup will be my enemy.

Today is banana and skim milk day. This morning both myself and my husband had a banana milkshake. We froze a couple of bananas in the freezer. We have one of those magic bullet things and we put the banana and skim milk and blended it up. It was tasty. Takes care of any sweet cravings. My son loved it, which is good because it is healthy. I will be making those for him more often and with other fruits. Tomorrow is what we have all been waiting for MEAT! Ahh I can not wait! YUM!!!!! Tomorrow I am going to put a roast in the crock pot so that we can eat it all day Saturday. As we can eat 2-3 steaks if we want. More like endless beef day with veggies and soup. We plan on putting the roast in our soup! Mmm. Ok so today's menu! I have to have at least a minimum of 3 bananas. And as much skim milk I can handle..ew.

Breakfast: Banana milkshake

Lunch: Soup & Banana

Snack: If needed, banana

Dinner: Soup & Banana Smoothie

Last night I did 20 minutes on my elliptical at home in my basement. Tonight I plan on taking a trip out to the gym to do an hour of exercise. Happy dieting people!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 3 Sacred Heart

Day 3! Yay! Fruit again! Oh I am so happy I get to have fruit. Yesterday the veggie day was kind of like torture. Though I love my veggies, just not having that fruit was hard. I missed the sweetness of it. Also, it seems that the fruit keeps me fuller, longer. Oh and I have to tell you, last nights dinner was divine. Weird right? I never thought I would be so excited and satisfied with a freaking baked potato! I popped two potatoes into the microwave for me and my husband. The oven takes way too long. I sauteed up some mushrooms with garlic. I also cooked up some broccoli.
We took our baked potatoes, smashed them up. Then we of course smothered them in butter as we were allowed to! Then we placed the mushrooms on top! I put fresh cut chives on mine. Thanks to my parents having chives in their yard, I stopped and grabbed some after I got out of work. Let me tell you the baked potato with the mushrooms, butter, and chives! I will be eating that more often! It was absolute heaven! I wish I could eat  a potato every night on this dinner. But oh well. It was a nice treat. I am looking forward to tomorrow the banana day! I will be making smoothies with my milk and bananas as I hate drinking milk. It's disgusting! I will freeze a few bananas. It will be more like banana milk but that's ok.

Today is a combination day. All the fruits and veggies you can stuff yourself with. No bananas, peas, corn, or dry beans. Oh and of course the lovely soup. That thankfully is almost gone. I will have to make more. This time though I am changing it up a bit. Maybe add some mushrooms and use chicken broth this time. Just so hubby and I have a change of pace. Anyways..todays menu is not exciting. Friday's menu will be though! BEEF!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha. My friend and I who is also doing the diet are ordering steak for lunch on Friday. We absolutely can't wait! Mmm...steak. I want a filet! Oh yea! A BIG ONE! Oh sorry, side tracked for a minute, let me clean up my drool. MENU!

Breakfast: Mixed Fruit (pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, & cherries)

Lunch: Soup!!! Oh yay! Not.

Snack: Apple

Dinner: SOUP! And some fruit ofcourse

Last night I did go to the gym and worked out for an hour. I rode the bike, did the arc trainer, and the treadmill. Today it is supposed to be in the 90's. I will be getting in my pool!! Do some swimming for some exercise.

Ooo and for all of you readers I am going to as a favor. :] I entered my son into a little contest here at home. I have yet to get him an kind of photos taken. Yea way to go me! Anyways, if he wins the contest he will win a free photo session and a cute little shirt with a tie on it. So I am asking you to do something simple. :] Just go to this link and "like" the page on Facebook.!/pages/Photogenic-Reminiscence/217054701646635 Then find the photo album "Photo Contest for Tie's & Tutus" find Kadens picture. He is the 5th picture in the little tuxedo. Just "like" his picture. That will count as your vote! I highly appreciate it! Also get your friends in on it! Thanks so much!

Keep your head up and keep your goal within reach! Eventually you will get to that goal!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 2 Sacred Heart

I have to say, I feel great!!!! So far so good. Usually the first day I am dying for food or have major cravings. It really wasn't that bad. The fruit was good and sweet yesterday and the soup was nice and warm. Plus the soup is really good. Something I would make for the winter months. I might add some meat to it but it is really good! I am liking the diet so far, but it is only day 2! Ha.

Today is the veggie day. Eat all the veggies I can handle, except no corn, peas, or dried beans. It says to stuff yourself full of veggies and the soup. Oooo I also get a baked potato tonight with butter. I am also going to grab some chives to put on it as well. Today may be a little harder than yesterday as veggies aren't the sweetest! But I love me some broccoli! Steamed broccoli. Yum.

Breakfast:  I had some cut up english cucumber (less seeds) with some salt

Lunch: Small bowl of soup and some steamed broccoli with garlic salt

Snack: Steamed mixed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, & carrots) maybe some more cucumber

Dinner: Baked potato with butter and chives. Small bowl of soup. Oh and some zucchini and squash cooked up in a pan.

Snack: If needed....broccoli or cucumber or green beans or some soup :] I probably won't need the snack. The potato will hold me over.

I will be going to the gym tonight to work out and watch Pretty Little Liars. Which the potato will give me an extra boost of energy with it's carbs so I can burn them off.  This diet is making me feel great. I'm enjoying it quite a bit! Hopefully today is as good as yesterday!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sacred Heart Day 1

I know there were no results for the Atkins. My husband lost 6lbs in the 5 days. Which he will be doing the Atkins again next week after this Sacred Heart Diet. his diet is mainly soup, vegetable soup. It smelled very good making the soup last night. Even though I am not a huge fan of veggie soup, I will eat it. Plus my throat is bugging me and I might begetting a cold. So what better time then to do a soup diet I say! It will feel really nice on my throat!
I actually didn't have time this morning to pack my soup for lunch. So on my lunch break I will run home and get it. I hope that it tastes good!
Yesterday we went out to the fair! Oh man fair food! I had a corn dog with mustard, some lemonade, and a funnel cake with Bavarian cream! Yes it was as good as it all sounds. I love fair food. So bad yet so good. Oh also, Friday I had sushi which was amazing as well. If you have never tried sushi, I highly recommend it. Not all of it is raw. All of ours was cooked except 2. And the raw was great too! I have a picture of the sushi!

The roll on the left with the shrimp, was amazing! Fried shrimp, cream cheese, and avocado, all wrapped in sushi rice and crunchy stuff ha and eel sauce with is great! Then the one on the far right is a big roll, stuffed with salmon, tuna, white fish, white tuna, cream cheese, crab, they wrap it up in the rice and some crunchy stuff then deep fry it! Then they cover it with eel sauce and spicy sauce and a bunch of caviar. Heaven in your mouth with a touch of spice from the devil! All of the rolls were to die for, I want to eat it every single day to be honest! It's just too pricey to do so! So let's get back to the diet shall we?

Today with day one I am allowed to have all the fruit I want except for bananas. Also all of the soup my my stomach can take!

Breakfast: Mixed fruit (red grapes, kiwi, cantaloupe, & watermelon)

Lunch: Soup

Snack: Apple

Dinner: Soup & probably a mango

Snack: Mixed fruit

Of course depending on how hungry I am through the day I will be eating more soup or fruit. The menu is to just give you an idea of what my day will consist of. Hope everyone is keeping on track with their goals!!!

The Scared Heart Diet

The recipe for the diet soup goes as follows:
* 1 or 2 cans of diced, stewed, or whole canned tomatoes
* 3 large green onions for taste
* 2 cans of green beans
* 1 Large can of Beef Broth (Nonfat)
* 1 pkg. chicken noodles
* 1 bunch of chopped celery
* 2 green/red/yellow/orange peppers

Day 1:
You can have fruit except for bananas during the first day. More advisable are watermelons and cantaloupes, since they have lesser calories than other fruits. It is recommended to have only fruits and soup today.
Day 2:
You can have all the vegetables on the second day. Have cooked, fresh, raw, or canned veggies till you are full. Do no go for peas, corn, or dry beans. Try having more green leafy vegetables. You can also eat a baked potato along with butter in your dinner. However, do not have any fruits on the second day.
Day 3:
You can eat all sorts of vegetables, fruits, soup and other soups on this day, but do not go for any baked potatoes.
Day 4:
Have skim milk and bananas on the fourth day of your diet plan. Drink as much milk as possible along with the soup. Eat minimum 3 bananas today.
Day 5:
This diet plan recommends having tomatoes and beef on its fifth day. Have a can full of tomatoes or up to 6 tomatoes and 10-20 ounces of beef. Try eating the soup at least once during the day.
Day 6:
You can eat as much vegetables and beef as you wish on day 6. Do not go for baked potatoes and have 2 to 3 steaks if you wish. Today, again have the soup at least once.
Day 7:
On the seventh day of your schedule, eat vegetables, brown rice, and unsweetened fruit juice, until you are full. You can also go for cooked vegetables in your rice. Also have the soup today.
Drinks that are allowed during the implementation of the Sacred Heart Diet include tea (herbal as well), cranberry juice, unsweetened juices, lots of water, coffee, and skim milk.

This diet claims you can lose anywhere from 10 to 17lbs in these 7 days. Let's give it a try!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 5 Atkins

Now you all already know I am not on this diet anymore. My husband still is going strong though. He is back down to what he was at the end of the Watermelon Detox. Because ofcourse he gained...6 pounds I think before starting the atkins? So currently he is down 6 pounds again.  He is down 12lbs since starting all of these crazy diets this month. Me on the other hand, that's a whole different story! Hopefully next weeks diet will do some good and so on.
I was just asked to be a bridesmaid in my brothers upcoming wedding next year. So now I have even more reason to lose weight!

Oooo I get to have sushi tonight! I am way excited over this! Not sure what my husband is eating for dinner. But he will have to fend for himself. But he will be cheating tonight. He is going out for his friends bachelor party and will be drinking. I asked him if he would be carrying on the diet for the weekend. He said he might and that he is definitely doing it next week as well. Since he is loving the diet and it is working! I am proud of him! He is so close to his goal it's crazy! Me I have a LONG way to go! But a loss is a loss in my book. :]

Keep on moving and eating healthy. Do forget to enjoy yourself to!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 4 of Atkins

So, I stopped. I promised I would never give up on a diet when I started this whole blog. Just I can't keep feeling like this and gaining weight. It made me feel really gross with all of the meat. I stopped the diet. I had a nice fluffy bun with my cheeseburger last night. And it was delightful! But see I could do without the carbs during dinner. I can do protein and a veggie, no problem. My husband though is still doing the diet as it is working for him. Of course he absolutely loves the diet as well.  He might be doing it next week too, while I am going to do the Sacred Heart Diet. In which it calls for 7 days, I might only do 5 but might do 7. We shall see. As for today's menu, we can do hubby's first.


Breakfast:  3 egg omelette with swiss, mushrooms, & prime rib

Lunch:  Prime Rib and mixed veggies

Dinner: Pork chops in a mushroom cream sauce with a side of veggie

My menu for the day. Gosh I will feel so much better tomorrow morning!

Breakfast: Cappuccino from the gas station

Lunch:  Tomato sandwich YUM! Fresh garden tomatoes from my parents garden. (Tomato sandwiches are something I grew up with. 2 slices of bread, miracle whip, sliced tomatoes, & salt) Yea very simple and low in calories Oh and I also have some celery and peanut butter

Dinner: I will also be having pork chops but not in the cream sauce...well maybe just a tad. But I like my chops with ketchup, plus the cream sauce would be bad for me and good for hubbys diet. Oh and a side salad.

So hopefully today through Sunday I can lose this extra weight I put on with this damn diet. Then a new one begins Monday!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 3 Atkins

Today is day 3. This morning I checked my weight as I felt, well heavier!  I was correct. I am not enjoying this diet at all. If tomorrow doesn't show any progress I am doing something different. I'm not supposed to gain all of the weight back. That is pointless of a diet. My husband on the other hand is loving the diet and is losing weight. Glad it's working for him. Me on the other hand, I am ready to throw it out the window. I usually follow the diets all the way through. I just don't want to keep gaining!

Anyways, here is todays menu!

Breakfast: 3 Egg Omelette with mushrooms, sausage, & cheese. 4 strips of bacon. (I ordered take out)

Lunch:  I am still trying to decide what I am going to have. More than likely a salad, with chicken and ranch.

Dinner:  Stuffed Hamburgers (I stuffed them with cheddar, mushrooms, and bacon) I will add grilled onions to mine and some mayo. Then a side of broccoli.

I decided to edit this post.....

I started comparing what I was eating to what my husband was eating. Also, tracking what exactly I was eating. It seems as though I might not be eating enough as my mind is set to eating barely nothing to lose weight. While my husband is scarfing down 3 egg omelettes and steaks for lunch with a side of veggies.  While I am over here eating 1 egg or no breakfast and barely any lunch. So today I will eat like him, I will also hit the gym tonight. My lunch is not going to be salad. I will be meeting my husband for lunch and have prime rib with a side of veggies. That is what he has been eating the past couple of days. Let's see what happens. I'm much more satisfied right now after my big breakfast. Usually I am pretty hungry. Also, I have already drank 32 oz of water. I think I need more water in my day too. That energy drink yesterday was probably bad. I have not been active the past 2 nights either. So I will stay active the next few nights. Which you also know that Friday night I will be going off of the diet. So I can eat sushi. I will not order extra noodles on the side or anything. I will stick to just sushi, and i won't order the planned alcoholic drink I was going to get....well I might...who knows. lol. Those cherry blossom drinks are so good! The probably FULL of carbs. Due to the rice and then since we will have one with fried shrimp, and bbq eel. Yea lot's of carbs going on. Hopefully it won't kill it too much. I will weigh Friday morning and Saturday morning to see what happens. Saturday night we're going to our county fair which of course...funnel cakes and elephant ears oh and homemade lemonade! How can I say no!!??? ;]

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 2, Atkins!

I feel blah, to be honest. I'm used to lots of fruits and veggies and grilled chicken breast while I am dieting. This one scares me a bit. Even though I know it works most people. I just feel really bloated and gross. I'm hoping tomorrow morning I will feel differently. Of course yesterday I didn't pack enough food for myself. So today I have snacks. This morning I was in a hurry again, so far not a great week. I ran out the door forgetting my breakfast. So I am eating my first snack for breakfast. Also, I have an energy drink that has less than 1 carb in it. Is it cheating? Probably. Do I care? Not really!!!! Since I like have a ton of sugar and creamer in my coffee I can't have it. So I need caffeine some how!
I didn't sleep much last night. My son thought it would be fun to stay awake until 11:30pm. Then in the middle of the night my dog kept getting up and walking around and making noise. Come to find out in the morning she was broke out in hives! Poor thing. She will be at the vet first thing when they open their doors. I have no idea where it came from. Either she ate something she is allergic too or she got bit by something that she is allergic too. She goes to work with my husband everyday, so he will run her up there.
Anyways!! Here is todays menu!

Breakfast:  Energy drink and my snack celery with cream cheese

Lunch:  Stuffed Meatballs ( I stuffed them with mozz. cheese and turkey pepperoni)

Snack:  String cheese and Slim Jims beef sticks

Dinner:  Chicken rolls in bacon. (Chicken breast, stuffed with cream cheese, green onions, rolled up in bacon) And some broccoli.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 1, Atkins!

Last night I planned ahead for my meals today. That way I didn't have to do much in the morning before work and after work for dinner. I believe this diet will be pretty easy for my husband and I. Meat! Yum! Plus everyday can be different, unlike the past 2 diets.
This morning I woke up extremely late and was late for work. But before hand I did weigh as I had 4 days off from dieting. I gained 3 pounds. So I need to get those 3 pounds off plus some...hopefully. :] Any loss is good too me. We shall see what happens with good ol Atkins. High fat, that's for sure.

Thank goodness I cooked my breakfast last night. I was able to pop it into the microwave and head out the door. I probably should have ate more but I'm not a huge breakfast person. Also, I am not a fan of eggs. I eat them but the thought of them sometimes grosses me out. Here is the menu for today!

Breakfast:  Mini Egg Poppers (Recipe at the end)

Lunch:  Chicken Lettuce Wraps with Ranch
             Grilled chicken, shredded cheese, cucumber, and ranch dressing wrapped in lettuce.

Dinner:  Steak, Chicken, & Veggie Kabobs.
               Onions, Mushrooms, Yellow Squash, Zucchini. With marinated Chicken and Steak. Of course I              checked the carb count in marinades and made my own.


I had a mini muffin tin that would hold 10 mini muffins. Which was great for exactly 3 large eggs! This is the easiest recipe ever.

3 Large Eggs
As much shredded cheese as you would like
Any kind of meat
Green Onions (Optional)

Spray the muffin tin with Pam spray. I whisked the eggs and shredded cheese together. Then I put in the condiments I wanted into the the little muffin holes. I used sausage in some, ham in some, mixed both, some with green onions. It all depends on what you like. Then ladled some egg into the muffin holes. Put in the oven at 350 degrees for around 8 minutes I think. I put them in a plastic baggie so I could just grab and warm them up. They're great!!

I would eat those on a normal day with out dieting! Kids will love them too.

Atkins Diet! Let's do this!

Alter your diet to match the recommendations provided in Dr. Atkins' diet. The first phase is when people on the low-carb diet should lose the most weight because Dr. Atkins designed the recommendations to kick-start the diet. Some people may lose as much as 15 pounds (6.8 kg) in 2 weeks.

  • Have 3 meals a day. You can eat 5 to 6 smaller meals, if you prefer.

  • Eat at least every 6 hours when you are awake. Don't skip any meals. The goal during Induction is to lose up to 15 pounds (6.8 kg) throughout the phase, depending on your goals.

  • Only eat enough at each meal on the low-carb diet to feel satisfied. Do not over-indulge.

    Focus on eating protein and fat during this phase of Dr. Atkins' diet.
    • Eat chicken, red meat, fish and eggs, including egg yolks, during this phase of the low-carb diet. Aim for at least 4 oz. (113 g) of protein at each meal.
    • You may be able to eat fats, such as olive oil and mayonnaise, during this phase if you are losing weight. Try to consume more poly and mono-unsaturated fats than saturated and Trans fat.
    Limit the amount of carbohydrates you eat every day to lose weight.
    • Consume fewer than 20 g of carbohydrates during this phase.
    • Avoid fruits and grains, such as bread and pasta, during Induction.
    • Figure out your Carbohydrate Level for Losing to determine how many carbs you can eat on the low-carb diet plan and still lose weight.
    • Aim for about 2 cups (500 ml) of cooked vegetables or 3 cups (750 ml) of raw leafy greens per day.
    Drink 64 oz. (1.9 L) of fluids each day to prevent dehydration during your low-carb diet.
    • Water, coffee and tea are all acceptable beverages

    Ok, well my husband and I are only doing the first phase, which is called Induction. I was going to do the diet for 5 days and so was my husband. But on Friday he has a bachelor party to attend and I am going for sushi with my friend. So it will consist of 4.5 days of dieting. I will weigh Friday morning for the results even though I will carry the diet over until the evening comes. I will still weigh Saturday morning to see how much damage the rice does.

    I am kind of excited for this diet, as I don't have to eat the same thing everyday and it will be flavorful. Even though I LOVE carbs I will live. :]

    Thursday, August 11, 2011

    Results! Watermelon Detox

    All I have to say is watermelon can kiss my ass! That was a very hard detox to do. There is no way I would ever do that again. My husband might, but I sure won't. I like food!! Also, apparently I need food in order to lose more weight. Last weeks diet did wonders for me! This one, not so much. Though I did have a loss, so I am happy about that.

    How did my husband do? He lost 8 pounds, yes 8 pounds! AMAZING, in 3 days. That's just nuts. I told him to becareful eating as it's going to come back QUICK! I was a little bitter to be honest and jealous. I wanted to loseanother 8 pounds, even though I knew that wasn't going to happen. I had no idea he would lose that much since he is way smaller than I am.

    How did I do? I lost 2 pounds. Yea now you know why I was bitter and jealous. 2 pounds to his 8 pounds seems like absolutely nothing. But that is 2 pounds closer to my new coach purse! So I am down 12 pounds. 8 more pounds to go for that purse! I am hoping that next weeks diet will get me there or close! I am still going to take it lightly for today and tomorrow and go to the gym as Saturday mornings are a normal weigh in day for me. I still want to see another pound come off.

    This morning after I dropped of my son, I went to McDonald's. Yea I know BAD! But I haven't had food other than watermelon in 3 freaking days. I sat there pondering the menu, I ordered a Caramel Mocha with nonfat milk. Then I ordered an Egg McMuffin, which I NEVER ORDER! I usually order a sausage burrito or sausage mcmuffin. But I needed something a little less in calories. And that was on the 300 or less calorie menu. So I went for it. The coffee is heavenly and that McMuffin was so good. And I don't feel to bad about it either. For lunch I will get a salad of some sort and dinner I have a roast waiting for my husband and I in the crock pot. No potatoes this time as we didn't want all of the carbs and the fat from the butter and sour cream we would be drowning it in. I do have carrots in there, which they have carbs but not as bad as a potato. Tonight I will hit up the gym for an hour as well to burn some of my food off for the day.

    Next week hubby and I are going to do the Atkins. MEAT! Yum.

    Wednesday, August 10, 2011

    Day 3! Watermelon Detox

    I am pleased to say that today is the last day of this detox. It's been rough for sure! My friend gave up after 2 days. But she lost 2.5lbs in those 2 days! So that is great! My future sister in law decided to hop on and try the detox yesterday, she only lasted I think half the day. This detox takes a lot of determination to stay on it. I'm sticking it out this last and final day. I will be glad to wake up tomorrow morning, weigh, and know that I don't have to eat watermelon the entire day.
    Last night I went to the gym. I made sure I made it there before 8pm. As my show Pretty Little Liars was coming on. If I have a TV show that interests me a lot then it is way easier to work out as I don't pay attention to the time. I worked out for an hour and 10 minutes. After I got off of the treadmill, a lady behind me on the arc trainer called me over. She told me to keep working out, that I have a small waist, and to not lose too much in my butt and thighs. I laughed, and told her that was the plan. She lifted my spirits for sure and made my night with her compliments. Which makes me realize I can keep doing all of this. All of these diets and keep working out to finally get to my over all goals. It's very hard but I know eventually I will get there!
    Let me show you what my watermelon days consist of. I just cut them in half and grab a spoon!

    Last day!!!!!!!!!! I will reveal the results tomorrow! Have a great day and keep moving!

    Tuesday, August 9, 2011

    Day 2 Watermelon Detox

    Well here we are, I made it to day 2. My friend on the other hand well that's a different story! Ha. I came into work today and she pointed to her container of watermelon and told me after she finishes the container, she's done. I laughed. This diet is definitely hard. Very hard! Watermelon is nothing but water, 2% water to be exact. The rest is sugar. The watermelon is very refreshing and sweet but I am sure by the end of tomorrow I won't want to see another watermelon for a long time.
    Today I will eat more watermelon than yesterday. I don't think I ate enough, I was extremely hungry yesterday. So I ate breakfast, which yesterday I did not. Of course it was watermelon! Yellow watermelon actually. Tastes exactly the same, just different color. I guess yellow watermelon is a hybrid. Either red or yellow still the same sweet watery taste.
    Last night at dinner time the watermelon didn't taste as sweet as it had earlier, probably because I had been eating it the entire day. My 1 year old though thought it was the best thing ever. He sat in my lap and shared my watermelon with me. I at that time wished I had felt the same way he did about the watermelon.
    Last night I did not go to the gym or work out. I had a bad headache after work, probably due to lack of food! I did do some laundry and picked up the house a bit. Today I feel good, as long as I don't have a headache tonight I plan on going to the gym. My husband though did work out last night. He went downstairs and did the elliptical for 20 minutes and lifted his weights. Since he bought a new bench set last week. I'm sure with this detox diet you will lose some weight without working out, since you are losing a lot of water. Just right after this detox if you go and eat out of control it will come right back if not double. So, my hubby and I have discussed to take it very lightly on our food for the days after the detox. To still keep it light with salads and small portions. Or the detox will be absolutely pointless!
    I only have the rest of the day today and all day tomorrow and I will be able to eat normal food again! Thank goodness!!!! I'm excited to see the results from this as well. I am not expecting anything huge, I will be happy with any kind of loss. A loss is a loss!!!

    Monday, August 8, 2011

    Day 1 Watermelon Detox

    Kill me now. Why did I think this was going to be a good idea? I'm hungry, very hungry. 2 more days right? I know I can do it. Usually the very first day and the very last day is hard for me. Today is really hard. Since I am very hungry I want to eat everything! I won't though. I will give it the 3 days I hope!

    As for the watermelon itself. It is very good. Tastes great! Very sweet and extremely juicy! 2 more days...I just keep telling myself that. I think it will be hard when I make dinner for my 1 year old tonight. I will not give in though. I will eat more watermelon and keep busy with house work or something to make the time go by fast.

    Watermelon Detox Diet..oh this should be exciting!

    This diet belongs to the group of extreme mono-diets (where you are allowed to eat only one product). Because of its nature the duration of the diet should not exceed 5 days.
    During that period you will stabilize the amount of sodium in your organs, and as a result get rid of excess liquid and slags from your body.
    Ideally you should try to consume about a pound of watermelon for every ten pounds of your body mass.
    Warning: this diet is not recommended for people with kidney stones, diabetes, or pancreas disorders.
    If you start feeling discomfort after the first day of the diet, discontinue the diet immediately and consult your general practitioner if your condition worsens. 
    However, if you feel fine on the second day of the diet bravely continue it to the end.
    You will be able to loose up to 7 pound in those 5 days.

    You are supposed to eat 1 pound of watermelon 5 times a day! Holy freaking crap, that is a lot of watermelon! 5 pounds of watermelon, yikes!

    Now this diet calls for a maximum of 5 days. I honestly don't think I could live on watermelon for 5 days without having a huge binge. So my hubby, myself, and my best friend are doing this detox for 3 days. That way we don't go crazy.

    Today is the first day of the diet. I have yet to eat watermelon as I am still full from last nights huge dinner. But I will be cutting into my watermelon soon. I figure I bring my whole watermelon to work then cut it in a half and grab a spoon and dig in when I am hungry. 3 days. That's it. I can do 3 days! Plus watermelon is sweet and tastes really good. So grab yourself a watermelon and dig in!!!!


    RESULTS! Zumba 5 Day Express Diet

    First off, would I do this diet again? Most definitely! I felt good everyday. Was it a boring diet? Oh yes! Everyday eating basically the same thing over and over. I'm ok with not eating a plain salad with vinegarette anytime soon.
    I guess the big question would be, Can you really lose 9 pounds in 5 days? Probably! As long as there is no cheating what so ever and you work out along the way. So here we go!!!!!!!!!!

    My husband lost a total of 5 pounds for the 5 days. Which is absolutely spectacular! That is a pound a day! He thought he was going to lose more, but he did cheat just a tad.

    I myself cheated a little here and there as well. I lost a total of....are you ready!? Eek! I lost 8 pounds!!!!!! I was super excited Sunday morning when my Wii told me I was down 8 pounds! I couldn't believe it! So this diet does work. Well duh! It was mostly all veggies and lean meats.

    I say go for it!  Try it! It's only 5 days. Now after those 5 days. Yesterday being Sunday was our free day. We went bonkers! Though I will never do that again. It taught me I do not need to eat all of that! What did I eat? Oi..more like what didn't I eat?

    We went out to breakfast had a big breakfast, which I had coffee. Oh it was the best thing! I love my cream and sugar with a little coffee. :] Then for lunch we had those cheap little Totino's frozen pizzas. I could have skipped lunch but hey! Then we went out to dinner, in which I was still full from breakfast and lunch. But I ordered a huge steak chimichanga and huge margarita. I only ate half of my dinner. I was miserable and felt bloated and lazy the entire day. I don't want to feel like that! So now I know on my free days to take it easy, enjoy food but don't over do it! So it is now Monday! On to the next diet! I will explain in the next blog posting.

    8 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!Amazing! :] Oh so that is 10 pounds from my original starting weigh before I started this blog. I told myself when I lose 20lbs I get to go buy a real Coach purse :] That is my reward. So 10 more to go for that beautiful purse!!!

    Friday, August 5, 2011

    Day 4! 5 Day Express Diet

    Today is day 4, and I am so glad tomorrow is the last day. I'm getting a little tired of eating the same thing every single day. Also, I am getting excited to see what the scale might say come Sunday morning.
    Last night I went to the gym for a bit and worked out. My husband decided to cook dinner last night. Which I am going to say it was a little bit of a cheat, ok more of a big cheat in my eyes. Since I am pretty sure you're supposed to have fresh food. He bought a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store already cooked. We peeled the skin off and ate our 6oz of white meat. Even though I told him I am pretty sure this is not a good thing. I'm sure they pumped this bird full of butter, oils and god knows what else before roasting it. He also did canned corn, the diet calls for steamed veggies, you can't really steam corn kernels. Actually, wait yes you can in those steam bags in the freezer. Corn though I know is high in carbs. He also did the potatoes in the can, which I am sure have tons of perservatives. Not a dinner recommended on the diet but it tasted good. The corn was a treat to be honest. He also did zucchini and yellow squash which is allowed. Tonight though I will be cookin dinner. We do have some left over white meat from the chicken last night. He can eat that, I will make some baked chicken breast.
    I forgot my chicken breast for my salad for todays lunch. Boo. I always forget something!
    I won't be able to blog the results of this diet until Monday. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

    Thursday, August 4, 2011

    Day 3! Zumba 5 Day Express Diet

    It is day 3, and it is starting to get boring ofcourse. This is usually the time when I would throw in the towel. Because I am eating the saem thing over and over everyday. But I just have to get through today and 2 more days after that.
    Last nights dinner was good. Just regular chicken breast with Mrs. Dash Lemon Pepper seasoning, some steamed broccoli, and I chopped up the potatoes seasoned them and "fried" them in the pan with pam spray. They were good, nice and crispy. The steamed broccoli was my favorite. I could eat that almost everyday. I know eventually I would get sick of the stuff. Tonight I have no clue what I am going to do for dinner. Either the same as last night or try something different. I could always stuff the chicken with the veggies and potato. Theres an idea. I will figure it out before I get home today.
    I did go to the gym last night. I worked out for an hour. It was nice to go back to the gym again. It made me feel really good. Also, extremely sweaty and smelly might I add. Not only do I like going just to feel good. It also gives me time to take out any stress or anger or any kind of emotion I am feeling. It gives me time away and to just be by myself and only worry about myself for that one hour.
    This diet did state that you do not have to exercise to lose the weight. But I never truely believe that. I believe you have to be somewhat active. Not hardcore cardio an hour everyday, no, but maybe a short walk, or a swim, just move. I don't think going on a diet and just sitting on your butt is going to help you lose weight. It might help a little but eventually you will stop and hit a stand still. Also, eating the same thing every single day will put you at a stand still. Your body will eventually get used to everything you are doing. That's why I am doing this. Mixing it up and doing a different diet every week or going back to a couple here and there if they worked extremely well. Now we just have to wait and see if it works!

    Today's Menu:


    3/4 cup of Fiber One Rasin Bran Clusters
    1 Cup of Blueberries
    1 Cup of Fat Free Milk


    4 cups of Salad Mix
    4oz of Baked Chicken Breast (Skinless & Boneless)
    3tbls Raspberry Vinegarette


    3 cups of Raw Veggies (Carrots, Cucumber, Broccoli, & Red Bell Pepper slices)
    4tbls Fat Free Yogurt Dip (Recipe below)

    Fat Free Yogurt Ranch Dill Dip

    16oz Non Fat Plain Yogurt (I used Dannon, to up the protein you could use Greek)
    1 packet of Hidden Valley Ranch Dry Dip Mix
    2 tblsp Dill Weed
    pinch of pepper
    I also sprinkled in a little bit of Mrs. Dash Table Blend

    Easy recipe! And so good with veggies!!!

    I'm kind of excited to see what the results are on Sunday morning. I'm a little skeptical of the 9lbs in 5 days. But you never know. Since I have a lot of weight to lose, it could happen. Now say if you're only 140lbs and do this, you probably won't lose 9lbs but you never know! Have a great day!

    Don't let anyone hold you back from doing what you want!

    Wednesday, August 3, 2011

    Day 2 of the Zumba 5 Day Express Diet

    Wow I made it past the first day! Yesterday was hard for me. I think about food all day while I am sitting at work. My husband had an easy day until it came to night time. As he is a night time snacker, so that is when the cravings started to hit him. I am ok when I am at home. I have lots to do to keep me busy. My 1 year old alone keeps me busy and running around all night until he passes out.
    Last nights dinner was very good. It was a lot of food though. What 4-6oz of lean meat, a potatoe, & unlimited veggies is a lot of food!? Yes, indeed it is. I love steamed veggies so I piled quite a bit into our dinners last night.
    Today's breakfast consisted of the same cereal but with 1 cup of blueberries. That is a lot of blueberries! Thankfully they were all nice, plump, and sweet. I normally only eat blueberries in pancakes and muffins. I like blueberries but I have never been one to just sit there and eat them out of the container. I did take a picture of my breakfast for you to see.
    I had a doctors appointment this mornin so I rushed when grabbing my lunch and snack. I forgot my non-fat yogurt dip for my veggies! I was actually pretty excited to have that dip.I made it last night and it was good. I will just eat some of the veggies with out the dip when I get hungry. My salad for lunch was better than yesterdays. I added some red bell pepper and cucumber to the mix this time to give it a little more flavor. Ofcourse I also took a picture of lunch for you to see.
    Yum right? Even though I know by Saturday my 5th day I will be sick of salad. But the cereal in the morning I could get used to.

    Yesterday I didn't go out to the gym. I did however go out into my pool while it was raining. Mind you the rain was pretty cold! I had to get in and scrub some green algae off of the floor of the pool. Which might I say was a small work out. Having a big towel soaked in water and skating around your pool works your legs just a tiny bit. Nothing extreme by any means! I also took a few laps when I was done. So I count that as a little exercise for the day. Tonight though I will be spending an hour at the gym working out on the Arc Trainer, Elliptical, Treadmill, and Bike. Hubby had a workout yesterday evening. He leaned the entire basement! I wish I could have taken a before and after! It was amazing. Our basement is not finished, except for my step-daughters bedroom down there. Basically it has become a huge storage unit. Now, it is nice and clean. So he was cleaning and going up and down those stairs for a few hours.

    How do I feel today? I feel pretty good. I don't feel bloated or tired like normal. Which is a nice change. The diet claims you can "Lose up to 9 pounds in 5 days!!" We will see about that. My husband and I have decided next week we are going to try "The Watermelon Diet" my friend has also decided to jump on to the band wagon and try with us. More details on that come Monday!

    Tuesday, August 2, 2011

    Hungry much!???

    Holy crap! I'm starving! Going from eating fast food or junk type food everyday to this really strict type of diet is CRAZY! I called my husband to check and see how he was feeling. He is good. He's hungry but satisfied. Me on the other hand, I would love to go get a huge cheeseburger and shove it into my mouth and be happy as a child who just got a dollar from the tooth fairy! I didn't bring a snack. Though after I get out of work before I pick up my son, I will be hitting up the grocery store for raw dipping veggies and some fat free plain yogurt oh and some dill. I love dill dip with veggies. I will then make my own weird creation of fat free yogurt dip for my veggies.
    I am the kind of person that needs to be satisified on the scale of hungry to full, all of the time. I love food and am probably an addict. Yes, you can be a food addict. So I am thinking that I will eat my breakfast before work again tomorrow, then eat a snack of veggies. Ofcourse lunch after a few hours and another snack of veggies. That way I DO NOT run into this again.
    I do have to say my salad was good today, but a little boring. I will add some cucumber and red bell pepper to tomorrows salad and maybe just maybe actually try balsamic vinegar again. I will add lots of herbs to it and garlic! Hubby isn't going to want to kiss me tomorrow. I will try to add different spices to my salads every day and cook the chicken in different ones as well. That way it doesn't get too boring.
    I am actually excited to go home and make dinner and eat! Stir-fry! Kind of. I was going to go all plain chicken breast with a side of baked potatoe and side of broccoli. HA! NO! Why be boring. The diet calls for steamed veggies. Well what if I cook them in a pan with no oils? Wonder if it matters. I will be making my chicken with my veggies and throwing the potato in there too! Great idea for tonight, what the hell am I going to do the next 4 nights? I am not a big fish person so um no. Actually I only love fish when you bring it to me all hot and fried in a golden beer batter with a huge thing of tarter sauce! Yea that is what I am talking about. So I will stick with chicken for the 5 days.
    Hopefully tomorrows day will be better. :]

    Day 1! Zumba 5 Day Express Diet

    What can you eat on this diet? I'm sure that is what you're wondering. Well I am going to let you in on the menu.


    120 Calorie serving of high fiber toast or cereal

    1 egg, 1 cup of fat free milk, or 1 cup light yogurt

    1 banana, 1 cup of berries, or 2 pieces of small fruit


    4-6oz lean meat (chicken breast, fish, low sodium lean deli meat)

    4 cups of salad veggies

    2tsp. olive oil with 2 tbs. balsamic vinegar & lots of herbs & spices.


    4-6oz lean meat with herbs & spices

    1/2 cup of brown rice w/ 1/2 cup of beans or 1 potato

    Unlimited amounts of steamed veggies

    Snack (if you get hungry)

    2-3 cups of Raw veggies with 3-6 tbls fat free yogurt dip

    Ok, so today is day 1 of this lovely diet. Last night my husband said he would do all of thse diets with me that way we could compare the differences between men and women. Which I thought was a great idea. As well men lose so much faster than women do.
    This morning I forced myself to get out of bed before my 1 year old woke up. I weighed myself and so did my husband. Now I am keeping my weigh to myself but I will let you all know how much was lost at the end of the diet. I then forced myself to eat breakfast. Normally I am not a breakfast person, but I will follow the diet as it is called for.
    Both my husband and I had Fiber One Raisin Bran Clusters cereal. Which it was very good! The 1cup of milk I feel is WAY too much milk for that much cereal. We also added 1 cup of strawberries. I scarfed that down as I started to hear my 1 year old fuss and wake up. I know breakfast is supposed to be the mot important meal of the day. Let's see what kind of effect it actually has on me. Usually around 2pm exactly I am dead to the world! I want to sleep and my back starts t hurt from sitting in my office chair all day. I am hoping that with breakfast and healthy food I will have more energy for the entire day.
    My lunch today consists of 4 cups of salad mix which is half of a bag of those pre-mixed salad bags you buy at the grocery store. With 4oz of chicken breast that I baked in the oven last night with some Mrs. Dash seasoning. I do not like balsamic vinegar. So yes I am bending the rules here on lunch time. I bought a a fat free Raspberry Vinegarette with extra virgin olive oil to replace it.
    Dinner tonight will be grilled chicken breast with some kind of Ms. Dash seasoning and a baked potato with seasoning since I normally love my baked potato covered in butter, sour cream, and chives. Also, some kind of steamed veggie. Which as I am typing this I realized I forgot my Diet Coke in the fridge at home! Well crap! I did bring my water bottle though. You are allowed to have artificial sweetener drinks but ofcourse it encourages you to mostly drink water.
    If anyone else would like to try this diet with me, go for it. I would love to hear about your experience with it as well.

    Monday, August 1, 2011

    Let's get this party started!

    Welcome to my blog! What is this blog going to be about? Well, as you may know there are millions of different diets out there. So I thought, let's have some fun! Let's see if some of these "fad diets" actually work or not. Most people out there always wonder if the diet they just recently heard about actually does truely work or not. I will be the guinea pig. I will try the short fad diets and see what happens. With these diets I will be incorporating exercise as well. Because I don't believe you can diet and lose weight without exercise. Ofcourse that is my opinion.
    Also, go ahead and recommend a diet you have always wondered about. Maybe I will try it out and let you know how it works and what the end results were.
    I will be taking you on a day to day basis of the diets I try. When the diet ends I will weigh myself and see what kind of result I have. So what do you say we get the show on the road!? Tomorrow I will start the "Zumba 5 Day Express Diet." I will give you the entire run down on what is to be done on this diet tomorrow!